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How to Enjoy the Holidays as a Plant Based Runner

Kayla Slater

Dec 23, 2020

You go over to your grandmother’s house and immediately after walking in the door you smell Grandma’s apple pie. There's a buffet of snacks: Christmas cookies, pies, etc. Everything looks so good and you want to eat everything in sight. Your stomach is growling since you skipped breakfast.

Food is part of our culture and for many us is a big part of holidays. Food should be enjoyed and we shouldn’t have feelings of anxiety, guilt, or shame, but often we do.

Here are tips for plant based runners to help you enjoy the day:

  • Bring your own dishes and snacks to family gatherings – find alternatives, make traditional foods vegan

  • Drink water – always keep a water bottle with you to drink during the day 

  • Keep distance from snack table at parties

  •   Eat mindfully and in moderation (eat slowly, honor your hunger, watch portions) – take 20 minutes between getting seconds

  • Don’t skip meals before a big dinner – eat breakfast and snacks before your big meal, make sure to include fiber 

  • All foods fit! - ok if not vegan and do not have an intolerance

  •   Be mindful of drinks (water is best or use seltzer water for fun low-calorie drinks)

  • Remember your why – watch/re-read/listen to your favorite inspiring plant-based videos, books, or podcasts to remember why you are plant based and share with family if open minded

  • Focus on eating fruits and vegetables first before other sweet treats (use the daily dozen app – get all 12 first before indulging! And go for a run/do some exercise or movement, but don’t have to do more to enjoy the holiday!

  • Focus on spending time with family and friends! Enjoy!

Most of all, enjoy time for relaxing, spending time with loved ones, and do the best you can do!

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