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PP E16: How to Hydrate and Fuel on Long Runs as a Plant Based Runner

Feb 14, 2021

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Do you struggle or not know how you should be hydrating and fueling on long runs as a plant based runner. As a dietitian nutrition and run coach and runner, let me show you how!

In this episode, I talk about the guidelines on hydration and fueling for long runs, discuss my 3 P’s to fueling, and give you my supplement recommendations and what I use.

When it comes to fueling, it’s important to remember the 3 P’s:

  1. Plan

  2. Prepare

  3. Practice

It’s important to have a plan. The guidelines for hydration are to use electrolytes containing sodium, potassium, and magnesium to replace electrolytes in sweat before, during, and after runs. For fueling, the recommendation is 25-30g carbohydrates (ideally simple carbs for quick energy) every 45-60 minutes of activity. Gels, chews, and dates can be used.

Next is to be prepared. Prepare your hydration and fueling products ahead of time. I like to get everything ready the night before and make sure I have everything I need. Control what you can by being prepared.

Then make sure to practice! Practice types of products, timing, etc. to find what you like and what works for you. Part of your training should include practicing fueling. You don’t want to try something new on race day or not use anything and have a terrible race.

Currently, I use Tailwind and HUMA gels for hydration and fueling. I also use Salt Stix and take salt pills before high intensity workouts or long hot runs. What do you use for fueling/hydration during runs?

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