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Why I'm not a Weight Loss Dietitian

Kayla Slater

May 22, 2019

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{Originally posted on instagram, but was too large to post the entire article}

I have a BIG announcement to make and this is a scary one!!! Keep reading to the end! 

I’ve had a lot of fear and let a lot of excuses hold me back from having my own business and helping others. Although that’s WHY I went to school for nutrition. So why am I accepting an average job and just getting by? Well I let fear get in the way. I blame it on life, but really it was ME! 

It was my belief in if I could really help others. It was me thinking I’m not good enough. It was me thinking I don’t have enough money or time. It was me being afraid to do something scary and falling on my face or being judged or criticized. But I now I realize that’s silly. And confidence comes from doing and focusing on what feels in alignment with you! 

But because I was still afraid and unsure of how and what exactly I wanted to do, I decided to join BB. For a year I was a BB coach. I loved the community, the mentorship and bond with the other girls (something I realize I don’t have anymore in my life and is important!), and helping others with their health and fitness goals. But I didn’t feel good about it. Maybe it was because it was a MLM or maybe I didn’t really believe in these superfood shakes (that I thought were over-expensive) or I wasn’t reaching the audience that felt good to me. 

BINGO! Their mission is focused on helping overweight/obese people lose weight. My health and fitness journey has never been about losing weight. It’s about having a better relationship with food and fueling my body for performance. So why am I trying to be a weight loss dietitian/health coach?! 

Because I’m following everyone else and I get a lot of people struggle with their weight. And I praise all dietitians for helping this mission. But when I decided this year, in January to officially launch my own business and start creating my brand, I realized I didn’t want to be a weight loss dietitian. It just didn’t feel right like feeling like a fraud. 

So I’m not saying I won’t help you lose weight, but that will not be my focus in my programs. My approach will be focusing on creating lifestyle habits. It will focus on feeling better mentally and physically. It will focus on you achieving a running goal. Because once you reach that goal ie. to run your first 5K. You will have the DESIRE to keep pushing for your other goals. You will have fun, be proud, and maybe lose a few pounds in the process :)

So if you are looking for someone to just help you lose weight, I may not be the nutrition coach you need, but I know lots of wonderful and amazing ones, so I can still help you find someone. 

But I will work with you if: 

🌟 You want to run your first 5K, 10K, or half marathon

🌟 You want to have a better relationship with food and feel good about your body 

🌟 You want to fuel your best for your upcoming races while eating plant-based 

If any of the above describe you and you are looking for a coach for help, not someone to just talk with as a one and done session, someone to work with you until you meet your goal the I want to work with YOU!

I want to help YOU!! And I can help you get where you want! 

Apply to work with me today! Go to the ABOUT ME section to apply or book a call with me!

Sending you lots of love! Thank you for reading and hope to talk soon!! 😘

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