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Running and Life Updates

May 27, 2021

I just ran my 4th marathon today! It was my best marathon time despite the hot and humid weather (we did have a breeze), hip pain, and not having the perfect training cycle or taper due to hip. Years ago, I would have been angry. Angry at myself for not trying harder, angry at the weather, or just angry. But I couldn’t feel happier or more proud. Coach and I already talked about how we were going to run this race, I knew it could be a PR, but not Boston qualifying yet. Deep down, I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t ready and with the hot weather, it just isn’t worth it risking my safety or health as a runner.

So today, we ran smart. Honestly, I did run too fast the first half even though coach gave me paces to follow. 8:30 pace felt easy running with others again and was barely breathing (compared to Florida humidity, it wasn’t that bad). I thought to myself, I still run negative splits. I can! Ha! Yeah that didn’t happen. I felt strong. I felt fit enough to run faster, but my legs did not want to go. I also knew it was safer to take it easy today and get water or gatorade at each stop, so I did. I even stopped a couple times to actually drink it down.

Taking a salt pill every hour along with a gel every 45 minutes really did help too running in hot weather. There were a ton of spectators and cheers: “You got this! Keep going! Looking strong! Girl power! We love girl runners! Good job runners! You are almost there!”

I love the cheers from the sidelines and always try to smile even when its hard. There was live music along the route, but not as much live music the last half. The last half is always the loneliest or I think. It’s like everyone stops at the half marathon and just disappear. And your like, F$%* I have to keep going? Although this time, I really was excited to keep going because at 13, I felt really good!

Training does pay off and working with a coach does too! I may only have shaved off 6 minutes from my last marathon 2 years ago (which is crazy, but has an injury in 2019 then Covid canceled races in 2020), but 6 minutes is actually a lot in this sport and it’s something to be proud of!

I know my Mom and Dad, my (soon-to-be?) mother-in-law, boyfriend, and coach are proud of me, so I should be proud of myself too. So this time even if it doesn’t mean I made it to Boston, I still am going to be proud of me. I worked hard and it shows. Boston will come. I just have to be patient and have more work to do after a 2 week rest (which is much needed). So for the next 2 weeks, you can find me laying out my the pool or reading in my hammock in my free time (oh and probably doing some yoga at least).

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